professional russian interpreterRussian interpreter services is our primary specialization. Russian Interpreter Network is a leading provider of Russian interpreter, Russian translator, and other Russian language related support services to individual, government, and corporate clients around the world. We guarantee accurate and reliable interpretation services. Whether you need a team of simultaneous interpreters or a specialized technical interpreter - you've come to the right place! All of our interpreters have been successfully tested by the U.S. Department of State as simultaneous interpreters and some are certified by the federal or states' court systems.  Most of our linguists have over 10 years of experience working as interpreters and translators at the highest level. Our organization is wholly owned by members who are full-time professional Russian interpreters with many years of experience as government linguists. In addition, all our interpreters hold professional degrees in various areas of expertise, since knowledge of the subject matter is the key to quality interpretation. In fact, our organization was formed due to dissatisfaction with current prevailing low standards of language work, and our mission is to raise quality of interpreter performance and to obtain customer satisfaction.

All participating Russian language interpreters are recruited from the limited number of professionals contracted by the US Department of State as simultaneous interpreters. Even though the USDOS pool is formed through rigorous admission testing, we further limit participation in Russian Interpreters Network to the very best of this already select group. While we handle projects all over the world, most of our interpreters are US-based. This ensures intimate knowledge of American culture and language, while the personal Russian background of each interpreter and his/her continuous exposure to Russian-speakers ensures equal mastery of all things Russian. If you are truly concerned about understanding and being understood, we are here for you .