simultaneous interpretation equipmentSimultaneous interpreting generally requires special equipment such as microphones, headsets, and, ideally booths. If you don't have an equipped booth or your own equipment, we can provide you with our portable equipment for meetings with up to 10 participants free of charge, a savings of up to $250 per day, when you schedule your Simultaneous Russian Interpreter 30 or mode days in-advance, January 5, 2020 through November 30, 2021

Simultaneous interpretation is the most efficient mode of interpretation and, contrary to popular belief, it is also the least expensive one. Your message is being conveyed real-time, preserving continuous flow of information and saving time by not needing a pause for interpretation after a few sentences. Simultaneous interpreters normally work in teams of two, switching every half hour or so. If you're thinking about a conference or a seminar, - simultaneous interpretation is the most logical choice.

From multi-lateral cabinet-level government consultations & international conferences, to simultaneous interpreting during legal proceedings & training seminars - our Russian interpreters will deliver your message flawlessly!