Raymond Krishchyunas

russian interpreter

Senior Russian Interpreter and Translation Memory Software Specialist


Raymond was born in Batumi, Georgia. He graduated from Geography Department of Moscow State University and went on to teach and earn his Ph.D. degree at that foremost of Russian universities. He also spent two years as visiting scholar in India. His research work made him perfectly fluent in English, the language in which he published. He also served informally as interpreter for high-level exchanges involving top MSU administrators. In 1990, he was invited to teach as visiting scholar in the U.S., and taught in four different universities over a course of several years. Upon leaving the academia, he embarked on the career of professional interpreter, initially in energy and aerospace sectors, where he accumulated considerable expertise. In 1998, he was accepted into the ranks of US State Department contract interpreters with conference-level rating, the highest there is. He has been working for Department of State ever since, as well as providing interpretation for many other federal agencies and private sector clients. His areas of special expertise include Earth Sciences, oil and gas sector, aerospace industry, electric utility sector, law enforcement and security issues, and the legal field.