certified russian interpretersWhether you need a Russian interpreter for a deposition, immigration hearings or a medical consultation, a complex scientific presentation involving translation of technical data,

or a team of simultaneous interpreters for a high-level conference - we are here to serve your needs. Having successfully completed hundreds of language support projects  - conferences, seminars, training events, trade shows, corporate negotiations, exchange programs, etc, we can provide you with a professionally certified Russian interpreter familiar with the industry-specific vocabulary. We have interpreters who specialize in Aerospace and Aviation, Engineering, Oil and Gas, Public Relations, Government and Military, Non-Profit, Medicine, Jurisprudence, and many other sectors.

Most of our Russian interpreters have been successfully tested at seminar or conference level by the U.S. Department of State. While the DoS test already sets very rigorous standards, we further limit this select group of linguists to the very best.

Just like the airline pilots are rated by the number of flight hours, our Russian interpreters are rated by the number of hours of simultaneous interpretation. We have interpreters with thousands of hours of simultaneous interpretation experience working on cabinet-level government assignments, important corporate negotiations, technical consultations, or military and law enforcement training events.