russian business consultingTraveling to Russia or the NIS? Our knowledge, experience and expertise are at your disposal. For those, who are interested in more than just collecting "Matreshkas",

and are serious about doing business in Russia or the countries of the CIS, we can provide a wealth of information. From advise on cultural differences to information on housing, security, and accepted business practices. Like never before, Russia now offers many unique business opportunities. We're here to help you realize them.

Marquis de Custine who traveled in Russia 170 years ago and wrote a famously prescient and penetrating book about the country, noted that while Russia is outwardly the land of rules, regulations, and omnipresent government control, the reverse is actually equally true. For life to be able to go on, every rule has an even more important loophole, and nothing important ever gets done by the book.

Like many have found to their cost, it is on knowing those loopholes and exploiting them to advantage that a foreigner’s success in doing business or traveling in Russia depends. De Custine also noticed that people in Russia are extremely reluctant to be sincere, honest, and trusting even with each other to say nothing of the foreigners. The latter are seen as legitimate prey, there to be fleeced and duped every step of the way. Alas, that has not changed either.