Certified Russian Court Interpreters

certified russian court interpreterWhen dealing with the law, a person’s fate and liberty (not to mention a lot of money!) can literally hang on a word. Anyone who witnessed a court trial (or merely watched a courtroom TV show) knows how a nuance of meaning in testimony or reply to a question can sway the judge and the jury.

It is up to court interpreters both to know all the arcane legal terminology (what is moral turpitude in the language your client can understand, please?), and to hear and convey the all-important shades of meaning, all of that while maintaining the necessary emotional detachment from the case. And while cases seldom come to actual court trials, isn’t all of the above equally important in preparing case materials, depositions, and the like?

– To borrow a bit of legalese, our Russian language professionals have standing to handle all those challenges, and interpretation on legal matters falls firmly under our jurisdiction. Don't take a chance with your legal strategy - contact us today to schedule your Russian interpreter