Russian Medical Interpreter Services

russian medical interpreterHave you ever considered how many kinds of pain one can feel and describe with a specific word in English or in Russian? – Pain can be burning, dull, gnawing, nauseating, numbing, piercing, searing, sharp, shifting, stinging, throbbing, or tingling… And there is a difference between pain, ache, pang, smarting, and soreness. And while words like queasy, faint, and vertiginous are often used interchangeably in common speech, you wouldn’t want those notions mixed if yourself or someone close to you needs medical attention.

All these examples merely scratch the surface of the iceberg of medical terminology. We have interpreters who know it and who even interpreted during surgery. Just like with legal representation, medical interpretation is the field where a sure-footed Russian interpreter may prove quite literally vital.

Our interpreters have significant experience and have undergone special training for interpretation in medical settings. From assisting your Russian speaking patients during medical consultations to interpreting for specialists at a medical conference - you can count on us to get the job done. To get started - give us a call or send us an online message through our contact form. One of our experienced linguists will respond to your request shortly.