Russian Website Localization Services

website localizationWhile the Web knows no boundaries, websites - at least successful ones - always have a strong national flavor. After all, skillfully playing to their countrymen’s tastes, idiosyncrasies, or sense of humor is what makes them successful. Few things work better at getting one in stitches, or at totally bewildering one than opening a foreign-language website in your own language by using one of those web-based computer translation programs.

To become efficient, a site must not only be properly translated, but also localized, that is adapted to local cultural preferences, peculiarities of expression, etc. What appears catchy and a good selling point to the public in one country may seem tacky or downright insulting to people in another.

A recent example from helping a big Russian company in its efforts to go international by creating an English-language version of their website comes to mind. To make the company seem more open to users, the site had little background profiles on its top managers. One of them literally said - and that is how nine out of ten translators would, unfortunately, have translated it - “he is the father of many children and does water sports at his leisure time”. In truth, those words were not meant to indicate great virility, promiscuity, or sexual aberration, but merely to indicate the executive’s strong home values and good physical shape needed for such outdoors pursuits as kayaking. We convinced the client to drop that sentence from the English version, for even when properly translated it did not convey to western readers much about qualities they want to see in a top manager. We suggested putting in something about business acumen instead. Many more such examples could be cited from that project alone.

If you want your site to work, hire people who would take equally painstaking care about making it meaningful and gaffe-free in another language! To get started - simply click service request module at the top left section of your screen and complete the form or just give us a call. You may also upload your files using the same form. This will enable us to provide you with an accurate estimate of your project and immediately start working on Russian translation of your files. We will make sure that your Russian language website content conveys exactly what you intended.